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All You Need to Know about Intranet

in Short and Simple Exposition

Do your workforce feel disengaged or miss schedules for failing to take a glance at their emails? Is your small business suffering from productivity issues that are hinged directly to collaboration in the workplace?

The intranet comes at a time when the workforce is stratified globally. It serves as a social platform where managers, partners, CEOs and the workforce meet, discuss and share files in real-time.

So, What’s an Intranet Software?

An intranet is a private network that enables teams in organizations to work collaboratively by allowing them to receive/send files, emails and other relevant information on one platform. Besides that, the intranet is a platform where teams can manage tasks, schedules and grow a business culture. While the internet can be accessed and used by all and sundry; individuals can only use the intranet within a company. It eliminates manual sharing of documents, face-to-face meetings and movements from one department to another searching for solutions.

Who Is It For?

An intranet software is for every enterprise whether small or large operating on a local or global marketplace. It is for any organization that wants to centralize information to streamline communications and processes to bolster productivity. An intranet is for corporations that need to promote unification of activities so that each team works for the common goal.

An intranet is versatile and flexible and can be used in every industry. So whether you are in the franchise, insurance, education, IT, manufacturing, construction or even the hotel industry, intranet software can solidify and centralize events, tasks, and communications for easier accessibility and management.

Why Intranet Software?

Multi-Channel Support

The beauty of the intranet software is that it supports communications emanating from various apps and tools. So, the manager can post tasks on an iOS device, and team A responds on their mobile devices while team B gives feedback on their desktops.

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Robust Connectivity

In fact, the essence of any intranet app is connecting employees operating in different departments and geographical jurisdictions for building brand culture. With a social intranet, virtual as well as in-house employees can interact, share documents and discuss freely with managers the emerging issues as they suggest solutions.

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Information Access

Companies using CMS and DMS can utilize intranet capabilities to access policies, information, and documents centrally. Anyone in the organization can quickly locate files and download them whenever they need them.

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Everyone in the organization deserves to know who is posting and updating what to prevent attrition between the staff. Intranet software lets everyone to ask or post a comment in the intranet’s inbuilt social forums with ease.

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Seamless Workflows

The intranet software tends to agglomerate diverse and disconnected operations in the workplace to create a meaningful and easy-to-use workflow system. Training activities, scheduled video conferences, analytics, breaking news and other things can be accessed in one place.

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Benefits of Intranet Software

Promote Collaboration

Typically, intranet software are tools that promote collaboration in the workplace by enabling employees to share information in real-time. This saves time as no one has to wander from one office to another searching for specific files.

Social Media

Intranet software also allows the use of social media features such as liking, sharing and commenting thus promoting a harmonious workplace which boosts productivity. Blogs and content areas provide a platform where anyone can access or post new information.

User Profiles

For large corporations, social intranet software features such as user profiles, allows people to search for the people they need and message them directly. Team areas permit individuals with common interests and projects to work together efficiently without interrupting their routine work schedules.

Cloud-Based Integration

The intranet software also smoothly integrates with cloud-based workplace programs such as virtual call centers, cloud repositories, SharePoint and Office 365 for seamless document access and management.

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