Intranet Advantages

Let’ take a closer look at which exactly intranet software advantages separate business units’ get:

Intranet advantages for business owners & CEOs:

Operational time and costs reduction

You will reduce a number of common office apps and their support, employees hiring, paperwork, electricity, equipment etc.

No need for running an office

All the employees can easily communicate and solve current problems through intranet portal remotely from any place whenever they are: from home, business meeting, conference etc.

Monitor company achievements at all the stages

Intranet has such enormous advantages as Task Manager and Workflow Management Tools to control and manage any process of staff task performance.

Maintain personal and company reputation

One of the most important intranet software advantages are Blog and News Feed features for keeping every team member updated with the latest company news and involve into a corporate culture.

Intranet advantages for HR & communication managers:

Email reduction/replacement

There’s no need to correspond with remote employees while it’s possible to have a live chat through Yammer with any more you need.

Monitor and control employees work progress and KPIs

Both Intranet software tools as Smart Reports provided by Power BI or Google Analytics and KPIs by My Dashboard will significantly simplify the process of the separate employee/department results observing.

Build cohesive team of comrades

The most well-known intranet software advantage is its facilitating employee engagement and uniting them with shared ideas and achievements.

Disseminate required knowledge to train employees’ skills

Intranet software allows personnel manager to define which knowledge employees lack and subsequently provide the necessary training material or courses.

Stimulate employees’ activity

Seeing each other activity overall staff motivation will be certainly increased. Especially if you will use such intranet software tools as Idea Management and Employee Spotlight to additionally rouse to action your team members.

Share Important Human Resources Documents

Now all the HR Docs, corporate policies, and procedures etc. can be easily accessible for all the staff with Intranet software public List & Libraries feature or at own user’s Dashboard to save valuable time for other important operational matters.

Speed up Hiring process

Intranet software indispensable advantage is to motivate own staff members to grow within the own company as it lets all employees to monitor current vacancies and try their hands at different positions. In this case, the organization doesn’t lose experience staff and train personnel.

Identify companies’ contributors

Intranet software demonstrates how each employee fulfills his tasks and how many corporate aims accomplishes, as well as proposes for company growth.

Intranet advantages for IT specialists:

Provide secure cloud-based storage

Own intranet software provides the secured cloud-based storage where all the important data is stored, which is highly demanded for IT, accountant and financial departments.

Save costs for additional apps (like Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Analytics etc.) and its service support

As Intranet software has already integrated all the Microsoft apps, there’s no need for paying an extra fee for all these programs.

Reduce time wasting for performing routine operational processes

One of the essential intranet advantages is its opportunity to give corporation all the required instruments like Workflow Management, Advanced Search, Task Manager and Microsites for better tasks performance.

As you can see intranet has a really great variety of advantages for absolutely diverse company departments. But before implementing intranet software conduct a research which exactly needs and demand it will surely cover to be most efficient.