Intranet Cost

For those running medium to large companies, the intranet software is considered irreplaceable software. With that in mind, it is necessary to consider the needs of individual corporations and the price, as well as the rate of returns of the product, may play a vital role in the cost-benefit analysis of whether to utilize such a product.

Components of the Intranet Cost

The software dealers regularly choose to make use of the tweaked intranet software. This is so that security of data is ensured and the intranet solution fits the particular desires of the buyer. Due to these reasons, costs for the software can add up.

A Fit for Need Software vs. A one-fits-all Solution

With a product like an Intranet solution, it is essential that the intranet cost management agrees on the general requirements of all businesses. The utility of the tools like the promotion of collaboration and reducing paper flow that the intranet software offers should be analyzed beforehand as well.

Since it is not true that one intranet tool handles all the tasks, it is important to know which tools are necessary for the smooth operation of individual businesses. The intranet software should thus allow the option to omit or replace certain tools

The intranet software providers bear the responsibility of keeping the software up-to-date and offer unique tests by qualified developers.

Use the Cloud or the Premise Intranet software?

The intranet software that is not based on a cloud can accrue significant intranet costs for maintenance, support, and function. The lowest price at which this is possible is $1million per year for medium-sized organizations and can go up to $70 million for larger ones.

On the other hand, the cloud intranet software guarantees minimal risks of hacking at significantly lower intranet costs. It also offers benefits like 85% portal availability, 50% faster recovery time and 70% reduction in downtime.

Paid Developers or Outsourced Specialists?

The intranet developers can cause organizations to spend quite a large amount of money. This is due to the fact that the salaries for SharePoint specialists usually start at £55,000 in the UK and $70,000 in the US. Such support teams typically comprise of two employees increasing intranet costs to over £110,000/$140,000 per year.

In comparison to this, when the specialized support groups are brought forth by personal providers, it is possible for the intranet costs to be lower.

In order to figure out the full intranet costs, it is essential that you find out the number of features, users and functioning mechanisms of the intranet software.

SharePoint Intranet Cost

These costs for 500 users per month/per year at the cheapest are around $499/5988. At the most expensive, they can go up to $10000/12000 making an average of $3000/36000.

Other Intranet Platforms Intranet Cost

The costs here for 400 users per month/per year at the lowest are around $500/6000. On the higher end, they can go up to $6500/78000. On average, people pay around $2140/25680 per month/per year.


It appears that the intranet costs can vary significantly depending on the technology used and the mechanisms of the intranet software. In order to make the solution most efficient, it is wise to assess your own corporate needs.

During decision-making, it is important to keep in mind the risks that come with investing in such expensive intranet software. Risks could include a lack of use and a low rate of return making the software difficult to afford. The costs thus have to be discussed and laid out on the table from the very start when making decisions about the purchase of the intranet software.