Intranet Definition

An intranet – is a private computer-based network accessible only to authorized personnel of an organization’s staff. Generally, intranet software provides an extensive range of data and services from the organization’s internal IT systems which would not normally be available to the public from the Internet.

So, how does Intranet differ from Extranet or the Internet?


The Internet is a worldwide network based off of all existing networks, including networks that are private, public, state-owned. This all-encompassing matrix includes all informative sites and is easily accessible for all of the internet community.

On the other hand, an extranet is to the Intranet since it is a private network, however, it is accessible for retailers, business associates, provider’s or selected clients with higher level clearance, in addition to the company’s employees. Hence, an extranet isn’t as secure or “private” as an ordinary Intranet is.

How is Intranet Software Applied in Business and What Opportunities does It Provide?

In the scene of large companies and businesses, Intranet software is used in order to host collaboration and intercommunication between staff members. This kind of software gives corporations the tools, features, and options to create and expand connections between remote colleagues, establish an ethos of staff participation in all corporate processes and monitor all team member task performance and enhance organizational productivity and competence. There are three main variants of digital workplace implementation available when using intranet being: custom, out of the box and cloud-based intranet software.

What is Out of the Box Intranet Software?

Out of the box intranet software consists of a pre-made set of apps, options, and features that meet the majority of common demands and needs of standard organizations. Since this software is pre-determined, it already has all the required instruments for efficient and regular workflow and does not require any extra options or customization. One of its major benefits is that this software is highly affordable to deploy.

What is Custom Intranet Software?

Custom Intranet software is the intranet solution for companies that require highly specific features and have detailed necessities as the features and options can be selected and edited according to your company’s need. For example, if the company operates in the financial banking sector, it will demand certain definite system of granting different levels of permissions. In another situation, if the business runs in it sphere, it can highly benefit from a safe and secure cloud-based storage and particular apps can be easily integrated into your intranet software with reduced rates of servicing costs. And custom intranet software can handle all that requests. Although it can be highly specific and is customizable, this intranet software is more costly than box intranet software.

What is Cloud-Based Intranet Software?

Cloud-based intranet software enables your corporation to store your official business data on an external server. This simplifies the process of business growth and you will not have to be worried about supporting large amounts of data on your own server. In comparison to other intranet software, this is the most profitable cloud intranet since it has a relatively low price which is based on the number of users per month. You can easily end your contract at any time. But on the other hand with the company expansion, the volume of users will also increase, and accordingly so will the costs for intranet maintenance. As well as with cloud intranet software you can’t be protected enough from DDOS attack or information hacking.