Intranet features

Millions of companies have convinced intranets being highly efficient software for businesses. This is reflected not only in the heightened employees’ awareness and work productivity but in the overall ROI increase.

Intranet features demonstrate how diverse and helpful intranet software for any company is as it works in completely various directions:



    File Sharing
    Knowledge Base

    Task Management



    Document Management




So, let’s see which exact functions can be performed by all these features to make a company feel better in order to time and money saving and productivity increasing.

Workflow management system

Diversity automation of workflows’ approvals for example business travels organization, vacation inquiries, service desk questions, financial approvals, and so on to quickly fulfill project tasks, control deadlines and handle staff workflows.

With the right intranet features, employees are absolutely free from the usual paper flow, which costs too much money and takes a lot of time for operations processing. The feature allows to create needed forms and use easily electronic document management to coordinate the statuses of all tasks’ performance instantly.

Employees’ levels of responsibility also can be managed so the working hours will be used in the most effective way.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Workflow Management
  • Task Manager

Collaboration booster

Accessible intranet features which will help them to:

  • monitor company’s structure and quickly find the needed colleague;
  • congratulate each other and celebrate parties altogether;
  • stimulate workers for best job performance to get a social recognition;
  • encourage personal promotion.

Also, such intranet software features are able to build a strong team of confederates who commit to lift the corporate spirit and increase collaboration.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Jobs, Birthdays
  • People Directory
  • Employee Spotlight

Cloud-based storage

Technology allows to share and store data safely. It lets you forget about additional equipment, maintenance, and support needs when you use Cloud-based technology. No need wasting a huge amount of precious working time as for the limited corporate data or poorly structured overflow of irrelevant information.

The Intranet features help to search out the required information quickly and easily at one cloud-based storage. No need to clutter both corporate server and employees’ computers. With the cloud-based storage, corporate data is safe.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • List & Libraries
  • File Share

Content management system

Corporate portal CMS can be managed quietly simply with:

  • personalized SEO, which relies on every worker’s private requests will quickly analyze employee’s search history to show most relevant search results;
  • administer the content publishing with commenting, sharing and liking options to determine which content is more popular or what is more necessary to post; discover common search queries, trendy content and contributors to develop powerful Intranet.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Advanced Search
  • Social tools for commenting sharing and liking
  • Smart Reports

Analytics & KPI

Feature gives an opportunity to watch work progress and KPI both for each month which will help to understand whether employees cope with their duties timely and in a proper way;

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • My Dashboard
  • Smart reports

Explore opportunities

Makes simple to get new approaches and from own staff with the right intranet features such as conduct researches and create polls on the required problems to quickly get responses and resolving issues promptly; offer your employees to share their ideas and make an own contribution for organization development.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Surveys
  • Idea Box

Individual sites for specific groups

Different sites within a portal created for mutual teams’ who work under common projects or tasks will streamline overall working processes and let everyone not to get onto a mess for various projects.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Microsites

Broadcast center

Allows keeping all the team members updated and interested in corporate life. Share recent news and get employees’ feedback to build a cohesive organizational culture.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Newsfeed
  • Blog

Corporate portal permissions

Namely different levels intranet access will secure an organization from any possible information leakage or hackers attack.

Intranet role-based approach empowers every employee with various ranges of proper options only to open, view, edit document etc. in accordance with permitted user’s rights.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Security & permissions

Website look design customization

The most efficient intranet software solution must be surely customizable to the business demands and values. Embed all the portal instruments as it should be: widgets’ sizes, layouts, indentions, colors, supplementary effects, each element’ items, style and so on.

Every working day should start from the intranet homepage to get a new portion of corporate news, achievements, values, and respectfulness. It is easy with the familiar and understandable design.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • Branding Tool
  • Slider
  • Gallery

Mobile responsiveness

Employees are always online everywhere and anytime they on duty. Today it’s crucial to be available for those who run and perform a business process. Intranet software gives an opportunity to use your habitual devices with comfort and don’t let the work stop.

Mobile responsiveness of an intranet is the most required option, as it allows all the staff to be informed about any current event or suddenly aroused issues to instantly handle because their devices are always with them.

Intranet features and options which will handle this:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows mobile-friendly.

As you can see, really productive intranet software can handle a great variety of tasks. You should think over which intranet features will be crucially important for exactly your business progress. To give you a clue, search for best practices intranet solutions, which already include all the regular middle or large organization needs.