Intranet Technology

Intranet Software Definition

In today’s world, every internet merchant should be keen on all types of intranets available. When the ideal opportunity for the intranet software implementation comes by, vendors can find themselves in a flurry of information concerning about intranet systems, their differences, their unique selling points, their advantages and disadvantages, the intranet technology on which they were built, their factory specifications, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the major factors that determine the success of any company with an established customer base. In the real world, entering a market means attempting to web a network of clients and customers. Intranet technology can help any organization achieve this. There are hundreds, if not thousands of options available to choose from. Selecting the right set of programs can be tricky, especially after you customize the software, rearrange the modules, and tailor down to choices that meet all your requirements. Even then, you will have a handful of options and you will have to brainstorm through all of them to find out what intranet technology is best for you.

Below are six of the most widely used platforms for intranet technology.

Review all six of them and make a corporate decision
on what will work best for your company:


SharePoint intranet technology
by Microsoft

Among the wide range of programs designed for intranet technology implementation, Microsoft SharePoint is probably the most popular one for creating your own software. A common misconception is that it is too pricey. But considering the limitations of cheaper applications and the hefty price tags of others, $100 a user is pretty fair. The versatility, the user-friendliness, and just the overall quality of SharePoint make it an excellent choice of intranet software.

• Advantages

compatibility with Microsoft Security, Microsoft Office, and Yammer; smart search and file management system; easily customizable; accessibility management.

• Disadvantages

difficult to manage independently, additional Microsoft specialist is recommended.


Drupal intranet technology
by Acquia

Drupal intranet technology is a practical and flexible solution to all the problems in your administration system. It has an inbuilt software architecture that helps you build a variety of documents ranging from websites to software codes. It has made a name for itself due to its functionality and versatility. Online forums relating to Drupal intranet technology can also bring together a community of users and professionals. This can help you with problems pertaining to the intranet software without any cost.

• Advantages

can be tailored to meet specific requirements, comprehensive and convenient for employees.

• Disadvantages

requires knowledge of PHP, branded poorly, has an unfriendly user interface, difficult to update features, has complex programming modules, requires specialists to install and update, hard to support and maintain.


JIVE intranet software
by Aurea

Aurea, an American software developer, is a corporate market leader in intranet technology. JIVE intranet software is mainly used for business networks and corporate communities but it can also be used for small businesses and local networking systems. It has a number of useful features in the name of intranet technology like information exchange, online forum support, messaging unit, contact phonebook, etc. It has proven to be very useful to improve efficiency and quicken business procedures.

• Advantages

excellent file share network similar to Dropbox, work administration system, messaging/email optimization, video chat available, compatibility with Producteev (online task and meeting management program), web conferencing facility.

• Disadvantages

not suitable for big corporations, difficult to redevelop, not compatible with Yammer.


WordPress intranet software
by Automattic, Inc.

WordPress is one of the most popular online website designing tools. 20% of free websites on the internet are created through WordPress. It has a huge library of web templates. Most of them can be downloaded for free. WordPress utilizes an extensive intranet technology of Java and HTML. It also uses plug-ins, add-ons, extensions, and cookies to enhance user experience. It also has a premium section on its website where you can buy your own domain names and get access to a host of other premium features. WordPress is also a licensed online web hosting agency. You will want good web hosting because it will make a big contribution to your company’s intranet technology and its success in the bigger picture.

• Advantages

quick installation, easy and simple administrator panel, a huge library of templates and plug-ins, changeable template codes.

• Disadvantages

a heavy program that may cause errors and hang the server, low download speeds, limitations in basic functionality, duplications in pages and images, errors on the main website, easy to hack because of code free availability.


Atlassian’s Confluence intranet technology
by Atlassian

Atlassian is a collaborative group of Australian intranet software designers. It features a Wikipedia-style organized layout. Confluence is more of a document and file management intranet software. While it does not provide the complete intranet support that these other programs do, it is a fairly usable and well-developed intranet software that is customizable to meet certain needs. It is also very easy to use and does not require advanced knowledge of the computer system.

• Advantages

convenient for beginners, user-friendly layout, tailored for you.

• Disadvantages

only basic features available, requires JIRA integration to solve problems, lacks activity management systems, external plug-ins only, requires heavy customization to meet specific requirements.


The IBM Connections intranet technology
by IBM

International Business Machines (IBM) does not need an introduction. Connections is a social media-type business software that offers an online community for a company’s members. With features like forums, wikis, and blogs, Connections is an excellent intranet software to enhance communication in a company. It also recommends data and information to employees.

• Advantages

easy email system, quick messenger.

• Disadvantages

poor user panel, difficult to upgrade and install, disruptive features, often slow, difficult to search documents.